About Mali Yanir

Mali Yanir is one of the leading jewelry designers of Israel today.
The delicate style of her hand work jewelry is renowned not only in her home country of Israel, but also in many different countries overseas. Her unique background and special vision can be found in each piece of designed jewel.


Mali Yanir was born in the old city of Jaffa. She graduated from Yehezkel jewelry design studio and practiced jewelry design for over 25 years. She began her journey in a small modest studio, right by her old house in Hadera city. Step by step she gradually succeeded to attract more clients and expand the business. After a period of just 5 years, Mali Yanir began working with big clients, not only from Israel but from all over the world.
Due to the fact that jewelry making is a complex form of art, where each jewel requires long time and deep concentration, special attention and high skill hand work, Mali Yanir decided that it is time to make a change, move her business to a bigger studio and hire assistants. Now days she works in her private studio in Mishmar Hasharon Kibbuz of Israel, along with several assistants that help her in the art of creating the most exquisite jewelry.

Vision and Ideal

Mali Yanir Believes in the importance of beauty and strives to reveal this beauty in each one of her personal designs. Her creativity, passion and the artistic use of many different materials for making the jewelry are the main reasons that make her one of a kind designer in the world market today.
The most important ideal for Mali Yanir is a satisfied customer. In order to please her customers and meet their standards, she uses only the best quality materials to create not only beautiful but also durable jewelry.

Clients and Products

The unique work of Mali Yanir attracted various loyal customers from all over the world. Her jewelry is sold in countries such as Australia, Canada, United States and you can even find Mali Yanir designs in the Jewish museum of New York.
Mali Yanir designed jewelry is unique and exclusive, delicate to the eye and to the touch but also made out of the top quality materials. Each season she produces new refreshing designs that are different and creative, but also loyal to her old ideals and standards.